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Running from a forced engagement and a hurtful relationship, Naruto and Sasuke find what they've been secretely yearning for in each other.

Life is not that easy however, and many a struggle must be overcome before they can reach their hopefully happy ending. When a disturbing nightmare wakes Eren in the middle of the night, he finds himself wandering the halls where candlelight catches his eye... -Riren-Fluffy oneshot-Rated T for language and mild gore-Two and a half years of dating Sasuke, Naruto never once minded that his lover liked to have a little smoke every once in a while. Hange wants to know if Eren will transform when put under extreme emotional trauma, and Levi has just the way to test him: a dungeon, ropes, and lube.

Rivaille and Eren always have issues kissing because Eren tries to bend down to kiss but Rivaille just shoves his head away because having Eren lean down makes him feel short. His blue eyes never falter, watching me, commanding me..I want to be free, but sometimes I wonder..I had the chance, could I really leave him? However, his world is flipped upside-down when he is taken into the future and married to Sasuke. Naruto supposed it was his own fault for letting his twin con him into swapping places with her for a week. Visit profile for answers or inbox me.)"Oh crap." Muttered the blond. Naruto's always had his mind set on his goals & he'll stop at nothing to get it done. Visit profile for answers or inbox me.)Minato would do anything for his son's happiness and wellbeing. Sasunaru As in, 'All Heaven, Hell, and what lies between'. Naruto decides to forge ahead and attempt to befriend the raven-haired boy. Future Sasu Naru Who'd have known that spilling some wine would have such great consequences? Sasu Naru Humour/Romace/Crime/ Angst, yaoi, Yakuza galore, AU, and other pairings, inspired by Yamane Ayano's Viewfinder COMPLETECaptain Andrew Hayden, one of the most feared and respected pirates in the world. A longshoreman and an aristocrat, on opposite ends of the social spectrum. Even if it means allowing them to use his body to create new exorcists. Sasu Naru Sasuke is dragged on holiday with his parents and irritating bastard of an older brother. “I’d believe you more if you HAND WASN’T ON MY ASS UCHIHA! Sasuke witnesses a stain on Naruto’s shirt and what can be more arousing than “cleaning” his pregnant lover’s “mess.” Yaoi, Mpreg, N-17, Read at your own risk. Sasu Naru Kyuubi has spent over a decade trapped inside Naruto.

A short fluff where Eren and Rivaille just can't seem to kiss. And when he decides one night to break the law, who better to punish the rule breaker than police officer Uzumaki Naruto? Aku Roku, Ai no Kusabi universe Born an expendable child of the royal family of Otogakure, honorable suicide is the highest thing Sasuke could ever hope to attain. Captured by the enemy, he must decide to accept death or live anew Aomine has done something to piss Kuroko off and wants to take him out to lunch as an apology. Three kids later, you'd think he'd be settled in his new life. Who knew he'd be the center of attention to three bastards he'd written off long ago. Sometimes, there's something worse than one-night stands. But with expenses running high he's going to need to find another job. SUPER, MAJOR EDITING IN PROGRESSAnd now Naruto is at the pinnacle of everyone's attention. once he gets over the fact that the guy's a real bastard. "It is choice, not chance, that determines your destiny."- Jean Nidect. Will he succeed or will he get more than he bargained for? Your friends order you a blonde bombshell for a month, which you don't want in the first place and then, shows up, and just so happens to be male. Maybelle Maple, the governor's daughter, one of the most saught after and loved women in the world. Personalities clash as they are forced to depend on each other. He's all set up to be a miserable sod all holiday when a watersports instructor jumps in and serves as an interesting distraction. This was written for the Sasu Naru Kink at LJNaruto orders a rare cat online... Now, beneath the moonlight, the bars vanish, and he's free.

In a nutshell, Sasuke finds something to blackmail Naruto with and finds himself falling for the blonde but will a pervert on the train come between them? Until he accidentally summons a powerful demon by the name of Kanda. Aomine never thought that he will fall in love with the strange petite girl who came out of nowhere and confessed to him, but he did anyway. And it became a bigger issue when his son chose a perfectly male blond. Naruto Uzumaki attends his high school reunion for some strange reason. But when he encounters an old acquaintance, he thinks the night won't turn out to be so crappy after all. But when fate throws the blond back into his path Sasuke begins to remember all the reasons he'd married the man in the first place. In between babysitting two rambunctious little twins, fending off an eight-year-old stalker, and his budding feelings for his boss, Allen has his hands full! A mysterious extra credit assignment may provide opportunity. Resisting was his first mistake - I will show him the error of his ways. However upon his arrival, his eyes were drawn to a golden haired prince with sapphire eyes. And he has certainly never met a devious, blonde assassin looking for his Bonded. Naru Sasu side Kaka Iru Happily ever after's are usually found at the end of a fairytale and rarely at the heart. Only Problem is Itachi knows it, but what Sasuke seems to have forgotten is that Itachi will do anything for his little brother, and for his best friend at that. Sentenced to a thousand rebirths, Sasuke isn't enjoying the life of a mortal one bit. Naruto is not-happily living with his lover and dearest person.

An older brother with a strange occupation and perverted adults might have something to do with it too. Besides, we never get the chance to choose in who we fall for in love. Matchmaking and chaos courtesy of a five year old ensue. Naruto investigates a company run by Uchiha Sasuke. Yullen Sasuke knew how he felt about Naruto, but fear kept him from acting. Interestingly enough, those sapphire eyes had stared back. With lies,betrayal,and hatred,will Naruto and Sasuke ever be able to restore things to normal? Will love win in the end or will it wilt I hate him. He's a cold bastard who treats me like I'm less than nothing. The only thing keeping me going these days is the anonymous love letters I keep getting… Its the 1st day of his Junior year and already Naruto is having issues with his chem partner. The Black Order's trust on Allen is quickly diminishing, and he's willing to do anything as long as they don't see him as a traitor. RATED MAUchiha Sasuke met the other half of his soul on a battlefield that neither of them were going to walk away from. Love, it seems, can survive centuries, impossibilities- even death. That is, until he changes school and lays eyes on a remnant from the Old Times who doesn't seem to remember him. Little Naruto has but one goal when his class goes to Church, and you can bet it doesn't have a thing to do with Religion. Sasu Naru chibi WAFF, some mentioning of religious themes but they are not the focus. In fact, at this moment, he'd rather be not-living, not-happily with his lover and dearest person.

The men however felt sorry for the poor human being. AU&YAOI ALERTWhat should have been an easy hack job has turned their lives upside down. And though I had a feeling I would soon be eating my words, I opened my mouth. PWP YAOIPosing for gay magazines when you're straight, no way, right? For Naruto, chaos arrupts until he finds a way to deal with stress; act. All he'd wanted was a shampoo and some gossip from his hairstylist, but the gorgeous temp working in the salon was too fine to resist. Kanda has no idea how he'll deal with having to be stuck with this idiot moyashi of an apprentice. Naruto is captured by Sasuke and during their time together Sasuke becomes a bit too friendly. Finding out you had unmentionable feelings for a certain dobe that was no longer a dobe was much worse. Yullen It's not the accuracy of what you believe in, but the strength of your belief in it. Sort of sequel to Let Me Hold Your Hand, same verse but VERY different story. Not for those who think that Naruto's always the one who cried when they first have sex and think that Sasuke's always the seme. Yuugi's having trouble focusing on what he's supposed to be doing.

But the men are proven wrong when they actually meet the "wife". Sasuke learns his past isn't as he believed and Naruto learns his relationship with Sasuke isn't exactly what he thought. "Prove it"- And it all started with a fat lady, though it hardly ended with her singing. Shut yourself away, nothing you're doing is for real. When Naruto rebukes his advances things take a turn for the worst. In his defense, Atemu is a deliciously tempting morsel of maleness. Naruko makes an indecent proposal to her once upon a time best friend, Sasuke. Sasuke got dragged to a spa by his older brother and he wasn’t happy about it one bit.

And for good reason - because when he does fall head-over-heels for someone, he's forced to realize that his sins go beyond prostitution, and that even as he rediscovers himself, his past is coming back to haunt him after all.

Secrets, new bonds and growing up are part of that. He had merely accepted that his lover liked to step outside and have a cigarette when he felt like it in between the weeks. Going alone to declare your unrequited love at a secluded mountain was obviously not the best of ideas. Will Eren turn into a Titan, or will he get the night of his life?

But a thought and a friend makes him wonder what could get Sasuke to quit smoking... But hey, at least Eren didn't put what he was going to do on Facebook. The "sex god" giving you one night of passion but refusing to date. Serious, thick plot afterwards - Very graphic Are Kan Naruto is alone in his apartment when he realizes that he can hear the man upstairs singing through the pipes in the bathroom. Later, Sasuke would realize just how much Naruto had done for him.

Ere Ri, Fluff Allen is sent off on an asignment, however the place he's sent to isn't normal. Sure, maybe he was breaking some rules himself, but the second he had the smart mouthed Uchiha handcuffed, he couldn't resist playing with him. AU, Sasu Naru, future fic, Sasu Naru babies Popular kids don't always have all the answers. It's called we're-doing-this-because-we're-going-to-die-tomorrow desperate sex. Unfortunately that new job might involve working for an egotistic jerk. NARUSASU AU YAOIKagome transfers to a prestigous university filled with powerful youkai and unwillingly becomes a "kept" woman along with her roommates. Yet, even though he now has his freedom, he still finds himself at Naruto's side. To hopefully win the heart of a certain pink haired maiden, Naruto pitches the insane idea to cross the line and his clothes. What happens after Naruto wakes up naked in Sasuke's bed and he realizes what they did last night?

It's the Circus of Night, a place that caters to everyones desires, whether they know what they are or not... If you don't like stuff like this, what are you doing here? Sebastian is a famous pastry chef while Ciel is an orphan who has a penchant for sweets. Yami/Yugi To ease tension between the capital city and her province, princess Rukia is sent to be married to the Pharaoh, the seemingly cruel king of Egypt. In fact, they don't really know what they're doing half the time. story back in its original form Three year old twins Naruto and Kurama take an immediate shine to the Uchiha brothers, and they learn a little secret about their new favourite babysitters. Rin struggles with being more than just a pet to Sesshoumaru. Sasu and Naru have a good relationship, only problem is the age difference... a perpetually horny blond and emotionally retarded raven and all the goodness that comes from our two favorite boys. When you lose your lover, all else fades from existence. He does the dirty work that needs doing to make sure the Uchiha family stays on top. Kyuu Naru AU: Top model Yuu Kanda gets stuck with famous actor Allen Walker, and they can't seem to get along... But that's okay, they'll have to warm up to each other at some point... It just so happens he makes a beautiful girl, at least Sasuke thinks. Will their friendship hold or will they become more than just friends? Sasu Naru, Lemon Nope, you’re not dating him Sasuke.

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