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5) Added additional parameter in ini file for recording debug info in log file. Settings: 1) Left Shift - set to gear up 2) Left Control - set to gear down.

Changes: 1) Real physical model of steering wheels self-stabilization 2) 5 new G27 LEDs modes. to adjust it, change in steering line: config_lines[169]: "mix steering `dsteering - (0.56 * normalize(abs(sel(c_jisteer, -j_steer? 0)), c_steer_dz) (0.22 * c_steer_func) * (pow(normalize(abs(sel(c_jisteer, -j_steer? 0)), c_steer_dz), (1.0 c_steer_func * 0.5)))) * sign(sel(c_jisteer, -j_steer? 0))`" this way you'll get 2 steering modes by switching nonlinearity slider in game settings: - when nonlinearity set to left - 22.96 linear steering ratio, but decreased steerable wheels range (19.6 degrees) - for driving - when nonlinearity set to right - non-linear steering ratio, starts from 22.96, with full steerable wheels range (35 degrees) - for maneuvering on loading/unloading places if you want to synchronize your G27 with animated steering wheel - you can use a little mod for default left-handed trucks, that expand steering wheel animation to 1600 degrees: ...

This Guide will help newcomers become familiar with the basics of installing and using ENBSeries and will also provide answers to many questions applicable to all users from those wishing to quickly install and configure ENBoost or a full-blown ENB preset, as well as, advanced users and ENB preset developers wanting to reference more of the technical information.

The main guide is written to address novice and advanced users alike with 'quickstart' in mind.

Such as providing a cooler or warmer color palette, fantasy or "realistic" lighting environments, and/or either more vibrant or bleak saturation.

The combinations are endless and there is likely an ENB preset that is perfect for every user's personal tastes.

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ENBoost is a memory management feature added to ENBSeries to address the crashes and freezes relating to the well-known system memory (RAM) limit of 32-bit applications like Skyrim. ENBoost is included in the ENBSeries graphics modification and is now incorporated into all ENB presets using ENBSeries v0.192 and newer.

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