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Cyberfriends: The help you're looking for is probably here. If you e-mail me, neither your e-mail address nor any other information will ever be passed on to any third party, unless required by law. I have no sponsors and do not host paid advertisements.All external links are provided freely to sites that I believe my visitors will find helpful.Alternative (complementary) medicine has made real progress since my generally-unfavorable 1983 review.If you are interested in complementary medicine, then I would urge you to visit my new Alternative Medicine page.Describe how infectious urethritis occurs, and briefly describe reactive arthritis. Describe the range of HPV-induced and syphilis-induced pathology in the male.Give an account of squamous cell carcinoma of the penis, and its various precursor lesions. Patients with reactive arthritis syndrome are likely to have circinate balanitis (red filagree rash on the glans), keratoderma blennorrhagica (hard bumps) on the soles, ulcers of the mouth, iritis, or even ankylosing spondylitis ("poker-back").You owe it to yourself to learn to use this invaluable internet resource.

I never refuse requests from colleagues for permission to adapt or duplicate it for their own courses... Perspectives on Disease Cell Injury and Death Accumulations and Deposits Inflammation Fluids Genes What is Cancer?Tell what a general physician needs to know about cryptorchidism, epididymitis, orchitis, and torsion. When triggered by a gut infection, it's often salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, or yersinia. Before assuring a guy his urethritis "must be due to chlamydia" (because his gonococcal culture came back negative), ask whether he eats lots of those little Mexican peppers.Recognize each of the common germ cell tumors microscopically, and describe their gross appearances, frequencies, known risk factors, markers, and behavior. There's an impressive proliferation of T-cells specific for chlamydia (when it's the cause) within the affected joints (Arth. The hot chemical in these can and does cause a urethritis. * Hans Reiter described "Reiter's" in 1916 as reactive arthritis following diarrhea rather than urethritis; his wasn't the first description.Cancer: Causes and Effects Immune Injury Autoimmunity Other Immune HIV infections The Anti-Immunization Activists Infancy and Childhood Aging Infections Nutrition Environmental Lung Disease Violence, Accidents, Poisoning Heart Vessels Respiratory Red Cells White Cells Coagulation Oral Cavity GI Tract Liver Pancreas (including Diabetes) Kidney Bladder Men Women Breast Pituitary Thyroid Adrenal and Thymus Bones Joints Muscles Skin Nervous System Eye Ear Autopsy Lab Profiling Blood Component Therapy Serum Proteins Renal Function Tests Adrenal Testing Arthritis Labs Glucose Testing Liver Testing Porphyria Urinalysis Spinal Fluid Lab Problem Quackery Alternative Medicine (current) Preventing "F"'s: For Teachers!Distinguish priapism from a normal erection, explain why it can be serious, and mention some illnesses and how they cause priapism.

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If you are looking for something on complementary medicine, please go first to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. here are some of my old pathology exams for medical school undergraduates.

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